Fall Fun and Visiting a Chiropractor in Tacoma


Nothing beats fall in Washington. Colorful trees and cool weather beg Tacoma residents to get outside and take full advantage of one of the nation's most beautiful regions. If you find yourself feeling the effects of that extended hiking trip, however, remember to call Proctor Chiropractic in Tacoma, WA and let the healing hands of our chiropractor alleviate the season's aches and pains.

How Injuries Can Occur

Though Fall activities like biking, hiking, camping, or outdoor sports can be part of a healthy lifestyle, they can also wreak havoc on joints and muscles. For example, a pick-up game of volleyball can lead to a strained shoulder, and an afternoon spent biking can put excessive stress on arms, legs, and back. Whether you have been injured or simply feel achier, the pain of this kind can worsen with time and continued activity.

How a Chiropractor Can Help

With extensive knowledge and skill working with the body's internal components, a chiropractor understands how manual manipulation of the affected area can loosen tight muscles and realign dysfunctional joints. More importantly, holistic, whole-body chiropractic care can reinvigorate the mind and body, preparing you for ongoing activity while creating a foundation for a healthy living all year long.

Why Fall Provides the Perfect Opportunity for Care

With strenuous summer activities slowing down, the fall months are vital for continual self-care and recovery. Need a deep tissue massage to relieve neck pain before you go on vacation? Our chiropractor knows just how to help.

If you seek total well-being in both mind and body, craving-sustained energy for outdoor fun, don't wait to visit our Tacoma chiropractor.


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