Struggling with Headaches or Migraines in Tacoma?

try chiropractic care for headache and migraine relief

Headaches vary in pain; however, they’re a nuisance in every situation. Having migraines or headaches can affect your emotions negatively to the point where you become incapable of doing basic tasks. These problems often seem inescapable; some people use medication for short term relief, but this does not offer a long term solution. Headaches and migraines often originate from structural imbalances, and chiropractic treatment can treat the hindering problem. Solutions and relief at Proctor Chiropractic, your chiropractor in Tacoma, could be answer you’re looking for.

Headaches and Migraines in Tacoma

Structural problems are able to cause the simple pain from a morning headache to the unbearing effects of migraines, which include: light and noise intolerance, vomiting, nausea, hallucination, depression, and annoyance. Structural problems arise when the spine’s position is altered thus applying pressure on the nearby nerves. This can occur from development issues, trauma, consistent stress, and various injuries. The compression of nerves are able to send signals to muscles near the head or back that cause them to tighten.

Compression directly relates and is able to cause a slight headache or migraine that over time leads to severe symptoms. The constant pulling of the muscles can even pull bones out of alignment. Experiencing headaches or migraines can actually be a sign that there are problems in the spinal column that need attention. Responding to headaches and migraines is necessary because the spinal column is how the brain communicates with the entire body.

Chiropractic Care is Successful for Headaches & Migraines

There are several underlying reasons why you might be struggling with headaches and/or migraines, and chiropractic care can help alleviate the majority of these, including:

  • Injury—One of the most common, sometimes hidden reasons for recurring headaches is an undiagnosed and untreated injury like whiplash. When the vertebrae are jostled, either in a sports injury, work injury, car accident injury or personal injury like this, nerves affecting sensation and blood flow in the head can be adversely affected. These injuries may also strain soft tissues in the neck, causing an increase in tension headaches.
  • Incorrect posture habits—Slouching at your desk or on the couch, or even sleeping on the wrong pillow can also cause vertebrae to shift out of alignment and pinch nerves that can affect headaches.
  • Lifestyle triggers—We recommend migraine sufferers keep a diary of what they were doing or eating before their migraines hit. Some common triggers include certain foods and beverages, stress, environmental conditions (like sounds, smells and lights), irregular sleep habits, dehydration and others.

How our Tacoma, WA Chiropractors Treat Headaches

After diagnosing and discovering your underlying headache or migraine triggers, our chiropractors will design an individual treatment plan to reduce or remove those issues. This should significantly reduce the frequency and severity of your headaches—for many of our patients, we have been able to eliminate them entirely. Headache and migraine treatment protocols include:

  • Chiropractic care —When your headaches are being triggered by nerves pinched due to spinal subluxations, our chiropractors can gently and precisely deliver adjustments to correct your posture, and release the pinched nerves. This has proven to provide successful and long-term headache and migraine relief for many of our patients.
  • Massage therapy —Therapeutic massage provides an excellent complement to chiropractic care for headaches by helping the soft tissues adjust to improved posture. It also relieves stress and improves overall circulation and pulses endorphins through the body for natural pain relief.
  • Physiotherapy and lifestyle adjustments —To help your spine maintain correct posture, we often coach you in specific strengthening exercises and stretches. We also work to help find any other lifestyle-related headache and migraine triggers (such as foods, drinks, sleep habits, stress, etc.) so we can help you avoid or reduce them so you can avoid headaches as much as possible.

Chiropractic at Proctor Chiropractic For Headaches and Migraines

Throughout history, chiropractic treatment has successfully relieved headaches and migraines. Chiropractors in Tacoma are well equipped with the knowledge to detect and respond to issues within the spine which houses the spinal cord. Treatment at our office begins with an evaluation that pinpoints the source of the headache and an examination of the spine to look for misalignments.

The results of the examination will give us the information needed to determine the treatment you need to relieve the pain. An adjustment from a chiropractor is able to provide what could be permanent relief leaving you feeling young and free from the constant pain of headaches.

If you or a loved one is experiencing migraines or headaches call Proctor Chiropractic in Tacoma today for relief.


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