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Our Tacoma chiropractic rehabilitation exercises are a natural complement to chiropractic adjustments. Utilizing Tacoma chiropractic rehabilitation exercises our patients heal faster and better manage their pain. After a musculoskeletal injury, many patients suffer from restricted mobility and ongoing pain. Exercises and Muscle Work (like massage and fascia release techniques) complement chiropractic adjustments by treating injuries to the muscles and connective tissues. From corrective exercises to hot/cold therapy, our treatments provide enhanced pain management and support the body’s natural healing process for a safe and speedy recovery.

Chiropractic Rehabilitation Relieves Back Pain & Neck Pain

A sports injury or other personal injury may cause damage to both the spine and the soft tissues. Chiropractic care treats spinal injuries. Signing up for chiropractic rehabilitation in Tacoma help complements chiropractic care by treating the soft tissue injuries. Together, these treatments help our patients heal faster than they would with only one treatment. For example, a repetitive motion injury from a sports injury can benefit from both chiropractic care, specific exercises and muscle work. Adjustments bring alignment back to the spine, supporting correct motion and reducing the risk for future problems. Chiropractic rehabilitation helps to reduce swelling and inflammation, relieving back pain and neck pain, and supporting whole body wellness.

Restricted motion is one of the common complaints following an injury. After a car accident injury, our bodies may subtly shift patterns of movement to reduce pressure or strain on the injured tissue. Unfortunately, this can lead to new strain on other body parts, which causes additional pain. Additionally, patients may experience a loss in flexibility, coordination and balance due to their restricted range of motion.

Corrective care exercises are part of our Tacoma Chiropractic Rehabilitation services and play an important role in helping restore a patient’s normal range of movement. We teach corrective exercises that can be done from the comfort of your own home. These simple exercises focus on stability training, balance, coordination and flexibility. They help restore movement to your body without aggravating the risk for future injury.

Gentle exercises following an injury are important for supporting the body’s internal healing process. For example, after a whiplash injury your neck may feel stiff and sore. For many years, doctors recommended wearing a cervical brace to limit neck movement. However, this can be restrictive to movement after injury can actually be detrimental to the healing process. Some movements may be painful due to stiffness and soreness, but our chiropractor will teach you safe exercises, which will increase the flow of oxygen-rich blood through injured tissues, bringing fresh nutrients that supporting the body’s healing process.

Depending on your injuries, you may also benefit from heat/cold therapy. By alternating the use of hot and cold treatments, these therapies help reduce inflammation and minimize internal swelling. This is important for reducing the buildup of scar tissue, which can block the body’s healing process and make movements difficult.

If you have sustained a sports injury or car accident injury, Tacoma chiropractic rehabilitation can speed the recovery process, relieve back pain and neck pain, and enhance whole body wellness.

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