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PIP Insurance Coverage Reimburses Full Medical Expenses Following a Car Accident Injury

If you have recently been in an auto accident, our Tacoma chiropractic care team understands just how frustrating and overwhelming this experience can be. Not only are you suffering from pain, but you must also deal with the headache of car repairs, insurance coverage, and medical bills. Most drivers never read through their auto insurance policies until they are in an accident. After all, these policies are filled with so much jargon and legalese it can be difficult to understand what the policy is actually about. However, the type of auto insurance coverage you have can make a big difference after an accident.

Tacoma Chiropractor Helps You Settle Your Auto Injury Medical Claims

PIP (Personal Injury Protection) insurance is optional coverage that provides coverage for the medical bills and lost work productivity. Your standard health insurance will cover you (the driver) in the event of an auto accident; PIP insurance goes above and beyond, serving as supplemental insurance that provides coverage to all individuals in the car. While PIP is not required in Washington, it can be as cheap as a few dollars each month and make a big difference following an auto accident. Most policyholders understand the value of PIP and choose to include it in their policies.

Following an auto accident, your insurance company (and the companies covering any other cars involved) may pressure you to quickly settle your claim. However, do not settle a claim until you have received a full diagnostic evaluation from a credible doctor. Settling prematurely can limit your access to medical reimbursements for chronic pain.

At Proctor Chiropractic, we follow a unique system called the Empowerment Model of Healthcare. This means that we work closely with auto accident patients to safely manage their pain after an injury. We are your partner in understanding and monitoring your own health and progress during treatment. Every treatment program is fully customized to meet your unique pain management needs. Depending on your wellness needs, we may combine massage therapy, chiropractic care, corrective exercises, physiotherapy, cold laser therapy, and active therapeutic movement.

Our Empowerment Model of Healthcare partnership also means that we help our patients through the insurance settlement and reimbursement process. We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with insurance companies, especially while you are preoccupied with back pain, headaches and whiplash injuries. That’s why we work directly with your insurance company, processing claims on your behalf and managing all the paperwork. Our highly trained staff is fully experienced with PIP claims. We can also provide helpful resources in case you need to seek legal representation or make arrangements to get a rental car or have your car fixed.

After an auto injury, you have enough to manage – don’t compound the problems by failing to receive a full diagnostic evaluation of your injuries or delaying treatment. From pain management to assistance with insurance companies, our team is always here to help. Contact us today.


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