Low Back Pain in Tacoma

Low Back Pain in Tacoma WA

Non-Surgical Solutions for Low Back Pain From your Tacoma Chiropractor

Your Tacoma chiropractor understands that low back pain can make bending, twisting, lifting, walking, sitting or even lying down a miserable experience. The lumbar portion of your spine plays a critical role in so many daily activities that pain in this area can prove totally debilitating. But you're right to seek alternative solutions to major back surgery and heavy-duty painkilling drugs -- because our skilled team at Proctor Chiropractic can provide conservative care to relieve that pain and restore function.

Understanding Your Low Back Pain With Your Tacoma Chiropractor

Low back pain may hit you all at once due to a traumatic event, or it may be years in the making thanks to a more subtle underlying problem. The spinal column's complex structure and multiple articulation points make it vulnerable to jolts or strains that can produce acute injury and pain. An auto accident injury is a prime example, since the forces exerted on the body may cause it to twist unnaturally at the waist. This can tear muscles, stretch ligaments and dislocate the facet joints that connect the vertebrae to each other. It can also force discs to shift position and herniate, pinching nerve tissue and causing sciatica (a cause of both low back pain and leg pain).

Chronic ailments can also lead to low back pain. In degenerative disc disease, for example, the spinal disc lose height as they lose water with age. This not only makes them prone to herniation, but it also puts strain on the facet joints, which may then become arthritic. Even habitual postural problems, aided and abetted by a spinal misalignment, can produce chronic muscle strain and spasms in the lower back.

Safe, Drug-Free Treatments

Your Tacoma chiropractor at Proctor Chiropractic -- Dr. Keogh, Dr. Luke or Dr. Grimmer -- treats low back pain by discovering its underlying source and correcting that imbalance. Chiropractic spinal manipulation can help restore proper joint position, while a specialized technique called chiropractic mobilization provides gentle relief by treating the joints and tissues while they're in motion. Mechanical traction is another highly useful method for treating spinal compression, relieving painful disc problems and/or nerve impingement.

But our low back treatments aren't limited to chiropractic manipulation. Our Tacoma team can also prescribe other healing modalities as part of your comprehensive treatment plan. these may include massage therapy and cold laser therapy to relieve soft tissue pain and promote injury healing, as well as active movement therapy to train your low back muscles to work together for stronger spinal support and healthier posture with less strain. we can even recommend lifestyle changes to help you keep your low back in good working order all the time.

Beat Your Low Back Pain - Call Your Tacoma Chiropractor Today!

If low back pain has lowered your quality of life, take safe, effective, non-surgical action to resolve it. Call today to schedule a consultation and spinal evaluation from your Tacoma chiropractor at Proctor Chiropractic! You can reach our office at at 253-756-7500.


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