Tennis Elbow in Tacoma

Tennis Elbow in Tacoma WA

Our Tacoma chiropractors, Dr. Keogh and Dr. Luke understand that most people associated a chiropractor with alleviating back pain. While this is one of our specialties, our chiropractors also eliminate pain and discomfort in other areas. If you are feeling pain in your elbow, for example, we invite you to Proctor Chiropractic for a complete evaluation and diagnosis of your condition. Many times, a condition known as tennis elbow causes pain and inflammation in your elbow and is caused by activities other than playing tennis. So, our chiropractic team wants to see you to show you how our chiropractic care plans heal your injuries and return you to pain-free living.

Chiropractic Care for Tennis Elbow

Elbow pain is not the only indication that you have a tennis elbow injury. Other symptoms include pain that flows through your forearm and into your wrist. You may also feel shaky hands and difficulty performing normal tasks such as turning a doorknob. You may also have trouble holding onto objects or shaking hands. If you do play tennis or golf, you may feel pain during and after your activities. Tennis elbow occurs when the joint experiences repetitive motions. The muscle and tendons that support your elbows are strained or may have tiny tears in them. As a result, you feel pain, inflammation and limited mobility. Tennis is not the only cause of tennis elbow. The repetitive motions that you perform when using a screwdriver, moving a computer mouse or cutting up meat may also irritate the muscles and tendons. Even overuse at work if your job requires much manual labor can irritate your elbow. Our Tacoma chiropractor evaluates your condition and then uses gentle chiropractic techniques to heal your tennis elbow. These services may include:

  • Adjustments to the elbow joint to position it for healing. When the joint is aligned properly, inflammation decreases and your mobility returns. This also allows a proper healing space for the muscles and tendons.
  • Physical therapy techniques such as myofascial and trigger point relief. These consist of manually applied pressure to the muscles and trigger points to reduce tension, which reduces pain and stimulates healing. Our pinpoint treatments also reduce scar tissue from past injuries and prevent scar tissue from developing.
  • Exercises to restore your flexibility and reduce pain. In addition, we show you ways to avoid tennis elbow in the future by performing actions with your arm in a correct alignment.

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The chiropractors at Proctor Chiropractic deliver immediate and lasting relief for your tennis elbow pain. To learn more about our care or to schedule an appointment, please call us today.


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