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Massage Therapy in Tacoma WA

Proctor Chiropractic is proud to combine our chiropractic care programs with massage therapy in Tacoma, WA. Our chiropractors believe in the benefits of spinal adjustments and massage therapy as two alternative health care practices. These techniques are holistic ways to keep your body functioning at optimal levels. A few of our goals are to reduce pain and promote injury recovery. If you have suffered from an auto accident, work-related or sports injury, our massage therapists work with you to reduce your pain and duration of your injury. Our Tacoma massage therapists provide personalized attention from the moment you walk into the massage therapy room. They listen to your concerns, understand your needs and deliver solutions to provide massage therapy relief. Our goal is to help your body return to a state of well-being, which includes relaxed muscles, enhanced range of motion and less inflammation. We remain in constant communication with you throughout your massage therapy session to determine if the amount of pressure is comfortable for you.

Massage Therapy Relief from your Tacoma, WA Chiropractor

We encourage residents of Tacoma and surrounding WA areas of Proctor, Federal Way, Lakewood, Gig Harbor and Fife to discover the benefits of our massage therapy program. You can combine your chiropractic care programs with massage therapy and it is best to schedule your massage before your adjustment. As our massage therapists work on your muscles, the muscles relax and make your adjustments easier and more apt to last. If you are seeking pain relief, massage therapy is a wonderful, non-medicative treatment option. Our massage therapists work on the muscles in the area of pain. This increases circulation to the injured area and promotes healing. Also, as blood flow to the injured area increases, so does blood flow away from the site. Within this blood removal are toxins that may be contributing to your discomfort. As your body heals, inflammation and swelling in the area decrease which alleviate your pain.

See your Tacoma, WA Chiropractor Today for Massage Therapy

We offer massage therapy as a way to refresh the body and the mind. Massage is beneficial if you are feeling work or life stressors that may be contributing to a decline in your health. We let you take an hour away from your worries to be in the moment and relax. As your mental state improves, your body begins to function at a healthier state. You feel a return of energy and a determination to live your life to the fullest. You can have the life you deserve- an active, happy and pain-free life. Our massage therapy relief sessions offer an alternative way to care for your body. Whether you are experiencing pain from an injury, are living through a stressful time or need help dealing with a chronic condition, our chiropractic care and massage therapy programs are available to you. Our massage therapists also educate you on lifestyle changes and at-home exercises to enhance your health. Call today to schedule your massage at Tacoma's Proctor Chiropractic.


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