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Here at Proctor Chiropractic, our Tacoma team frequently sees individuals suffering from sciatica's many disturbing symptoms. These individuals don't just have pain; they have questions about this mystifying, frustrating nerve impingement syndrome. Here are some answers to frequently asked sciatica questions and how our natural techniques can help.

  • What does "sciatica" mean? The term "sciatica" refers to impingement or irritation of the sciatic nerve roots. The sciatic nerve, an enormous nerve as large in diameter as a human thumb, Is the "master nerve" that branches out into all the other nerves that relay data from the brain and spinal cord to the foot. It is connected to the spinal cord through several large nerve roots threaded through spaces in the lumbar and sacral spinal column.
  • How do the sciatic nerve roots become impinged? An injury to the spine that alters your lumbar spinal misalignment can cause sciatic nerve root impingement, especially if a herniated disc is pressing against the tissues. But natural, age-related issues such as bulging discs or weak muscle support can just as easily encourage gradual spinal changes, eventually leading to sciatica.
  • When does chronic sciatica tend to appear? Chronic sciatica not related to any injury tends to appear between the ages of 30 and 50. The problem tends to come and go in lengthy bouts, making you think you're finally free of it only to experience it again and again.
  • What are the most common sciatica symptoms? Impingement of the sciatic nerve typically causes either sharp or dull leg pain that runs down the back of the leg, especially when you sit or stand. The obstruction of nerve signals may also cause numbness, muscle weakness, or "pins and needles" sensations in the affected leg and/or foot. Low back pain can accompany these symptoms.
  • How does my Tacoma chiropractor treat sciatica? Your Tacoma chiropractor at our three-chiropractor clinic will do a thorough diagnostic check of your spinal structures and alignment to pinpoint herniated discs, posture problems or other sciatica triggers. Chiropractic adjustments to the lower spinal column can help reposition herniated discs and normalize your vertebral alignment, taking the pinch off your sciatic nerve roots.
  • What non-chiropractic treatments can help relieve my sciatica? Mechanical traction can relieve sciatica by using distraction force to draw herniated or bulging discs from the sciatic nerve tissue. Your chiropractor may also recommend muscle work and corrective exercises to help you increase muscular support in the lower back, thus helping you maintain a straight posture and healthy alignment.

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