Types of Chiropractic Techniques

Types of Chiropractic Techniques in Tacoma WA

Chiropractors have a variety of chiropractic techniques in their treatment arsenal. Each technique is designed to effectively address and treat specific underlying conditions. Some chiropractic treatments may even combine different methods to optimize results. Manual spinal adjustments gently realign the spinal components to its proper position to eliminate irritation and nerve compression. These adjustments can take place on the cervical, thoracic or lumbar areas of the spine and are effective for a broad range of injuries, including herniated disc, whiplash, muscle strains, sciatica and much more. To treat neck and shoulder pain due a cervical injury, chiropractors may use a high-velocity, low-amplitude technique or a low-velocity, low-amplitude technique. Lumbar disc techniques include spinal manipulation and chiropractic mobilization. Chiropractic mobilization is a low-velocity technique that includes the movement and stretching of muscles and joints.

Scar tissue release, myofascial realize and ocular release all have specific purposes. While scar tissue is the natural result of the body’s healing process, an individual’s body might not breakdown the scar tissue and trigger pain. Scar tissue release therapy is a series of fascial techniques that release restrictive tissue to actually breakdown the scar tissue. Myofascial release therapy focuses on releasing muscle tightness. It’s highly effective for migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain and hip pain.

Mechanical traction is often used to treat the lumbar or cervical spine. This type of traction uses a computerized split-traction table to apply distraction force to the affected area. Patients are harnessed and secured to the table. Positive point therapy is a type of trigger point release therapy where therapists use their finger to apply pressure to the affected area and then slowly release. It helps reduce “knots,” inflammation and pain. For those suffering with scoliosis, scoliosis re-patterning is designed to release the primary restrictions, relieve pain and restore function.

Visceral manipulation is another tool in the chiropractic toolbox. It’s manual technique with specific thrusts that enhance mobility, tissue motion and tone. It’s effective for gastrointestinal symptoms. The sacro-occipital utilizes pelvic blocks and hands-on adjusting techniques. Based on the needs of the patients, chiropractors may use low force or standard adjusting techniques with this method.

Proctor Chiropractic: Pain Relief for the Surrounding Communities of Tacoma

At Proctor Chiropractic, we take a holistic and multi-faceted approach to pain relief and healing. Our goal is to integrate different chiropractic techniques into your treatment plan to optimize results. We also personalize treatment to meet patients’ unique needs. For example, one patient’s treatment plan may include lumbar adjustments and myofascial release therapy, while another patient’s treatment plan may include mechanical traction and positive point therapy.

If you’re suffering due to a back injury, muscle strain or a medical condition, turn to Proctor Chiropractic for an individualized treatment plan created just for you. We’ve helped thousands of patients from Tacoma, Proctor, Federal Way, Lakewood, Gig Harbor, and Fife get on the path to recovery and can help you too.


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