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At Proctor Chiropractic, our massage therapists offer deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage is a bit different than your standard massage therapy. This type of massage targets the deepest layers of your muscles. Knots and tension can often form in these deeper layers, causing pain, and a standard massage that focuses on the upper layers of your muscles just won't do the trick.

Our Massage Therapists Explain What Deep Tissue Massage is and how it Relieves Pain

The techniques and movements of a traditional massage are the same as a deep with minor differences. The main difference between the two types of massage is the pressure that is applied. Deep tissue massage uses a lot more pressure to get to those deep layers. The movements are done slower than in traditional massage, and they tend to be concentrated in the area experiencing the most pain, rather than an all-over massage that a standard massage provides.

Your deep massage will work out knots and areas of tension that may not have been relaxed in years. In so doing, this will cause your brain to release endorphins into your body, which block pain and make you feel good all over, both physically and mentally. Endorphins are nature's pain relievers and anti-depressants.

The deep tissue technique also breaks up adhesions on the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Adhesions are bands of tissue that have become rigid and painful. When the adhesions, which are often deep below many layers of muscle, are broken up, this relieves pain, too, and allows your muscles to regain their normal range of motion and movement. Breaking up adhesions involves applying deep pressure on one particular area for a long time. Once the adhesions are gone, the deepest layers of muscles can be accessed, to work out any knots or tension present in them. This gives you complete pain relief on any area that is experiencing deep muscle pain.

Is a Deep Tissue Massage Painful?

It usually isn't painful during the whole thing, but the nature of going deep into the muscles usually means there will be some pain or discomfort at some points during the massage. If you experience pain that is too much for you to handle, let your massage therapist know, and he or she will adjust their treatment of you in order to make it more comfortable for you.

There may also be some lingering soreness after the massage, depending on the vigorousness of it. It should go away in a day or so, however. Applying ice to the painful area is helpful while you're recovering from a deep tissue massage session. The benefits of this type of massage in permanently relieving pain certainly outweigh any temporary discomfort from it.

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