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You can achieve vibrant health and fitness by working on our 6 areas of health and fitness!

Healthy Nervous System: This is Chiropractic! When the joints in your back become misaligned you have an interference with the flow of nerve messages form the brain to the body and back. This can lead to a variety of conditions from pain to poor digestion. If you look on the home page you will see a spinning body. Click on that and it will show you how every nerve in your body comes out of your spine. 150 miles of nerves come out of your back and regulate your body movement, pain sensitivity, and organ functions (like heartbeat and digestion). Keeping your back properly aligned allows your brain to control and coordinate the 70 trillion cells in your body in perfect harmony. If you are new to chiropractic this may sound a bit different, but we can tell you that your body has an amazing ability to heal itself when it is allowed to work properly without interference. Having a healthy nervous system is the key to great health.

Nutrition: There are a few basic needs everybody has in the nutrition department. You will learn the benefits of alkalizing your body to increase energy, metabolism and healing. You will learn how to supply your body with vitamins and minerals that are actually needed and where to find supplements that work. This alone could help many of the problems most American's face today concerning their health.

Exercise: To fully heal the cause of your symptoms. Specific exercises are prescribed to help you correct the instability and/or faulty movements of your body. Learning the exercises helps you heal faster and have control over your pain. Your specific exercises will complement the treatments given by the doctor and will change over time with the changes you create in your body. All exercises are designed to improve your balance, coordination, endurance, flexibility and strength. If you are more athletic you will be given more challenging, or sports-specific exercises, to help you increase your competitive edge through power, agility, and speed.

Rest: If you can't sleep or don't feel well rested after sleep, you cannot be completely healthy. During rest, your body heals and re-hydrates itself. In fact, the discs in your back gain water overnight and give you an extra 1/4 to 1/2 inch of height! While we work to reduce your symptoms and correct the underlying cause, you will learn proper sleeping habits, tips to falling asleep, and postures to maximize your sleep all to help you feel refreshed in the morning.

Detoxification: If you are looking for a way to reduce fatigue, irritation and storage of chemicals in your body, you are interested in detoxification. We offer more than a typical fast or juice cleanse recipe. We have nutritional supplements that increase your the body's best detoxifier and antioxidant, glutathione.

You are exposed to heavy metals and toxins everyday that contribute to many diseases and disorders. Just walking along the street, you are exposed to toxins in second-hand smoke, car exhaust and industrial pollutants released into the air. Toxins become stored in your body most often in your fat cells. They are trapped in different ways and large accumulations of these poisonous substances affect your general health, and your ability to heal at normal rates. Learn more about your options on our services page.

Positive Mental Attitude: Do you notice your pain more if your stress levels increase? Of course you do. Research has shown that healing rates are affected by your attitude. We also know that your immune system is directly affected by your stress levels, and that optimistic people live 7 years longer than pessimistic people. Because the part of your brain that processes emotions is the same part that processes pain, your thoughts about pain can actually cause you to hurt more. We provide simple, easy to implement advice to improve your outlook and decrease your pain.


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