Upper Back Pain in Tacoma

Upper Back Pain in Tacoma WA

The classic image associated with back problems typically shows a person clutching his lower back -- but you might just as easily develop serious discomfort higher up the spinal column. Injuries or degenerative conditions in the upper back can cause severe pain, stiffness, and loss of function, interfering with your daily life just as readily as injuries to the cervical or lumbar area. Some sufferers find the idea of undergoing major back surgery to resolve the problem even more disturbing than their current situation. But you can get the upper back pain relief you need the safe, natural, conservative way, thanks to the range of treatment options provided here at Proctor Chiropractic.

Problems Plaguing the Thoracic Spine

When we refer to the upper back, we are talking about a region of the spinal column known as the thoracic spine. The thoracic spine includes the T1 through T12 vertebrae, extending from just below the neck to just above the small of the back. The principal task of this part of the spine is to protect your major organs and stabilize your body. Unfortunately, painful afflictions of the thoracic spine can and do occur, such as:

  • Acute injuries - Thoracic spinal injuries may occur in situations such as auto accidents. the three-point safety harness that saves your life may also allow the upper back to twist beyond its normal capacity, producing soft tissue injuries, subluxation and herniated discs.
  • Spinal degeneration - If you've lost some height between the thoracic vertebrae due to dehydration in the discs, the facet joints that connect the vertebrae may become inflamed, stiff, or even arthritic. Spinal stenosis and other chronic vertebral changes can also cause upper back pain.
  • Imbalances and strains - Poor muscular support or workplace ergonomics can place your upper back in uncomfortable positions until the alignment starts to sag. Repetitive motion at work or play can also cause stress-related upper back pain.

Chiropractic Adjustment an Other Answers From Your Tacoma Chiropractor

Whatever the cause of your upper back pain, you can trust our three-practitioner chiropractic team to find it and address it directly, relieving or managing your symptoms at their source without any need for surgery. Once your Tacoma chiropractor has found what's causing the pain, spinal adjustments and other safe, conservative measures can be used to correct or minimize the problem. High-velocity, low-amplitude chiropractic adjustments can bring an errant alignment back into balance, while mechanical traction can treat painful disc problems.

Your Tacoma chiropractor can also prescribe soft tissues therapies to help injured tissues heal, loosen stiff muscles or release internal scar tissue. Corrective exercises and lifestyle adjustments can help you rehabilitate and protect your upper back.

Get the Upper Hand Over Upper Back Pain

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