What Can Physical Therapy do in Tacoma?


Have you recently sustained an injury or some other serious physical setback? Are you experiencing pain and weakness from an old injury or a chronic health condition? If so, you may find the answer to your problems, not in major surgery or a lifetime supply of painkillers, but in physical therapy. This form of treatment has helped many of our patients at Proctor Chiropractic enjoy a more comfortable and productive life by restoring their strength, flexibility and nerve function.

If you think about it, it only makes sense that improving your physical condition can reduce your discomfort. After all, pain and other sensations are controlled and routed by the central nervous system, so anything that impairs this system may cause pain, numbness or loss of function to affect various parts of the body.

Take whiplash, for example. If a cervical misalignment puts pressure on your nerve roots, you may suffer not only neck pain and stiffness but also referred symptoms such as headaches and hand weakness. Additionally, the muscles in the neck, shoulders, arms and hands may atrophy from disuse. Our chiropractor in Tacoma can prescribe corrective exercises to rebuild these damaged tissues. If you have a sports injury, we can not only work the muscles back to health but also advise you on how to alter your technique to avoid recurrences.

Relief from Our Chiropractor in Tacoma

Chronic pain often responds to physical therapy, especially since much of it stems from, or is aggravated by, a weakened musculoskeletal system. Weak back muscles, for example, may contribute to years of poor posture, backaches and sciatica while also making you more susceptible to acute back injuries. By building up the core muscles that serve the back, pelvis and lower abdomen, we can provide your spine with the support it needs to remain straight and pain free.

Contact our clinic to learn more about the advantages of this form of natural treatment. We can rehabilitate you back to health!

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