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Scoliosis is Treatable

Serving Tacoma, WA and the surrounding communities of Tacoma, Proctor, Federal Way, Lakewood, Gig Harbor, and Fife, WA, Proctor Chiropractic evaluates and treats your scoliosis. You do not have to fear living a life in back discomfort, live with a curved spine or have concerns about wearing a back brace. Our chiropractor uses current techniques to gently adjust your spine and help guide you on your path to wellness.

Scoliosis Concerns

Our chiropractic care services begin with an examination to diagnose your condition. If we suspect scoliosis, we will see a sideways curve in your spine. A spine naturally curves in the upper back with an outward curvature and in the lower back, where it curves in. With scoliosis, the spine resembles an "S" and can vary in intensity by the size of the "S" curves. If left untreated, scoliosis may result in:

  • intense back pain
  • a change in appearance due to a dropped shoulder, uneven hips or a shift in the torso to one side
  • damage to the heart and lungs if the scoliosis is severe

Scoliosis Chiropractic Treatments

Those living in Tacoma and nearby areas of Federal Way, Gig Harbor, Lakewood and Fife, have immediate access to our Proctor Chiropractic care center. We treat scoliosis with gentle spinal manipulations and adjustments. By using a hands-on approach, we re-position the spine to reduce the "S" curve and the strain on the vertebrae. We will see you frequently at first as the body tries to return to its comfortable scoliosis position. Our chiropractor re-trains your spine to maintain a natural curve and this takes numerous chiropractic rehabilitation adjustments. As your body learns to maintain a natural curve and the muscles are strengthened to hold the vertebrae in place, your visits will decrease in frequency.

Other Scoliosis Care

Part of our treatment for scoliosis involves educating you on proper posting, sitting, standing and lifting techniques. As you work, play and relax, you will need to have an awareness of your spine. For a while, it will be a conscious effort to sit straight, keep your shoulders even and not lean to one side. We can also give you exercises to strengthen your back muscles to help support your proper posture.

Scoliosis Prognosis

A common time for a scoliosis diagnosis is during the teenage years. If you or your child is suffering from a sideways curved spine, call Proctor Chiropractic today at 253-756-7500 so we can begin to re-position the spine and alleviate any discomfort. With our chiropractic adjustments, your scoliosis pathway becomes straight. You reduce the chances for problems later in life and also potentially avoid surgery or back bracing. We evaluate your condition, provide at-home instruction and partner with our massage therapists to train your spine to hold its new position. We continue to perform maintenance manipulations as you need them to support your healthy path.

You do not have to suffer through scoliosis alone. We are here to help you and want you to reach your healthiest potential. Call Proctor Chiropractic today at 253-756-7500 for a complete evaluation.

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