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Neck Pain

Neck Pain Treatment in Tacoma, WA

Neck pain can be debilitating for patients in Tacoma, WA. Whether you're suffering from neck pain as a result of a recent injury or you have a chronic condition that leaves you in pain on a regular basis, our chiropractor at Proctor Chiropractic in Tacoma can help. We strive to educate our patients about the causes of neck pain and the benefits of chiropractic care, so they can make informed choices that will lead to improved health and wellness.

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Causes of Neck Pain

There are many different causes of neck pain. Below are some of the most common reasons that people experience neck pain in Tacoma.

  • Whiplash From an Auto Accident

    Whiplash is a condition that causes small tears in the muscles and ligaments of the neck. Whiplash is typically caused by car accidents, when the neck is jerked forward and then backward during impact. Whiplash causes neck pain, muscle stiffness, dizziness, difficulty focusing, insomnia, irritability, memory problems and more. Neck pain from whiplash can last for a long time, in part because many patients fail to seek chiropractic care soon after their accidents. Seeing our Tacoma chiropractor after a car accident, even if you feel alright, can help prevent this problem from happening.

  • Muscle Stiffness and Strain From Poor Ergonomics

    Sitting properly in your chair at work, using an ergonomic pillow at night and taking other ergonomic precautions can help you avoid injuries and pain.

  • Text Neck

    Text neck is a condition that occurs when the patient bends their head over a mobile device for extended periods of time. Text neck can cause neck pain, head aches, poor posture and more.

Chiropractic Care in Tacoma Offers Natural, Holistic Healing

Our Tacoma Chiropractor uses natural, holistic healing to help patients suffering from neck pain. Below are some of the most effective techniques that we offer at Proctor Chiropractic:

  • Spinal Adjustment

    Spinal adjustment is a technique that we use to realign the vertebrae of the spine and reduce pressure on the neck and back.

  • Massage Therapy

    Massage therapy helps our patients to improve blood flow and mobility to injured areas. Massage therapy also helps reduce patient stress, making the recovery process smooth and comfortable for the patient.

  • Stretches and Exercises

    Our chiropractors teach our patients to perform stretches and exercises that help strengthen the muscles in the injured areas.

  • Lifestyle Advice

    Many people cause their own neck pain or exacerbate the problem through their own behaviors. At Proctor Chiropractic, we help our patients correct these behaviors to ensure that they live better quality lives.

Contact Our Tacoma Chiropractor Today

To find out more about how chiropractic care can help reduce your neck pain, contact our Tacoma Chiropractor today. At your first appointment, we'll diagnose your condition and devise a treatment plan for you so. For more information, or to make an appointment, contact us today at 253-756-7500.

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