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Natural Relief from Pregnancy Pain and Other Symptoms

pregnant women seeking massage therapy in Tacoma, WA

It goes without saying that having a baby will change your life -- but pregnancy can also change your health, and not necessarily in welcome ways. Even if you've never been pregnant before, you've probably known others who have struggled with prenatal stresses, aches and pains. But while these symptoms are a common byproduct of pregnancy, that doesn't mean you have to suffer from them. Here at Proctor Chiropractic, we provide pregnancy massage therapy to help women of the surrounding communities of Tacoma, Proctor, Federal Way, Lakewood, Gig Harbor, and Fife feel and function better during this special time.

A woman's body undergoes remarkable alterations to accommodate a growing, developing fetus. Most obviously, the belly expands and the spine may adopt a swayback position to compensate for the abdominal weight gain. This not only puts a serious strain on the lower lumbar region; it throws your entire musculoskeletal system off balance. Some muscles experience immediate strains and other injuries, while other respond by tensing up, resulting in stiffness. At the same time, hormonal changes make the body more prone to retaining fluids. All of these issues add up to symptoms such as:

  • Back pain

  • Neck pain

  • Headaches

  • Swelling in the hands and feet

  • Leg cramps

Massage therapy can provide significant relief for these and other pregnancy-related symptoms without subjecting your body to drugs or other treatments than might endanger your baby. Pregnancy massage makes allowances for the changes in your body by using tables that allow you to lie comfortably and with the proper support. We minimize stress on your uterine ligaments by positioning you with great care, and we are mindful of issues such as varicose veins, blood clots or other issues that might introduce complications. A series of massage sessions can:

  • Relieve backaches, headaches and neck pain

  • Loosen tight muscles

  • Help tissues expel accumulated fluids by enhancing circulation

  • Reduce anxiety and emotional stress

  • Increase production of hormones such as dopamine and serotonin to help you sleep

Better Health for Pregnant Women in Tacoma, Proctor, Federal Way, Lakewood, Gig Harbor, and Fife, WA

Pregnancy massage is safe and effective for qualified patients (and we make sure our patients are good candidates in advance) in Tacoma, Proctor, Federal Way, Lakewood, Gig Harbor, and Fife, WA. One of the biggest advantages of undergoing pregnancy massage therapy at Proctor Chiropractic is how powerfully massage therapy and chiropractic care can support your health and the health of your child. We frequently integrate these two forms of natural care for the synergistic benefits they provide our pregnant patients. In addition to the symptom relief and enhanced wellness your receive from your chiropractic massage, you can also receive specialized chiropractic adjustments for optimal pelvic alignment and easier natural childbirth.

Make this special chapter in your life even more special by giving your body what it needs for a safer, healthier, more comfortable pregnancy. Call 253-756-7500 today for a consultation so we can determine whether you're a good candidate for pregnancy massage therapy!