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Allergy Relief Chiropractor In Tacoma

Our Chiropractor Can Help You Overcome Your Allergies

allergy reliefCountless millions of individuals have accepted the discomfort and inconvenience of allergies as a way of life. But there is not reason to keep masking your allergy symptoms temporarily with drugs when you can actually reduce your susceptibility to them. Here at Proctor Chiropractic we can help you enjoy a more allergy-free life by using holistic medicine to correct spinal and neurological issues that affect allergic response.

An allergic reaction is a deliberate response by the body's immune system against a supposed threat. Your immune system is tasked with keeping viruses, bacteria and other invaders under control, and it releases a substance called histamine when it believes the body is under attack. As a result, allergy sufferers may suffer from many annoying or even dangerous reactions. allergy symptoms include coughing, sneezing, sinus headaches, skin redness, swelling, itching and other discomforts. In some cases, an allergy can even prove life threatening by narrowing the airway to a dangerous degree, a condition called anaphylaxis.

A distressingly wide variety of triggers, from pollens and perfumes to specific foods, can set off an immune reaction, causing the telltale skin and respiratory problems associated with an allergy attack. Sufferers typically react by turning to over-the-counter medications or even prescription allergy shots for relief. these drugs, however, only force the symptoms into temporary remission without doing anything about their underlying cause -- so the moment you discontinue the drug, your allergy issues may return.

Many people do not realize that their spinal alignment plays a direct role in the frequency and severity of their allergy attacks. The reason has to do with the nervous system's ability to "understand" which substances to react against. Any degree of malfunction in the nervous system can cause your immune system to receive faulty instructions. It may then over-react or under-react to stimuli, making your allergies go out of control. Nerve function is often compromised by subluxations, or misalignments in the spinal column -- and that is where chiropractic treatment steps in to help.

Holistic Medicine at Proctor Chiropractic

Our chiropractor, Dr. Keogh, may use the Gonstead technique to help resolve allergy issues. (He also educates other practitioners in the technique as an instructor with the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society.) The Gonstead technique is based on the idea that when a misalignment occurs at one point along the spine, the body may create other misalignments elsewhere to compensate. Using palpation and advanced diagnostic instrumentation, our chiropractor evaluates the entire spinal column to see how these misalignments are affecting your nerve pathways. He then uses very precise, controlled adjustments to restore your body's normal biomechanics. As your nerves start functioning normally again, you may experience dramatic relief from allergy symptoms.

Holistic medicine can not only relieve your allergies, but it may also prevent new problems from developing. Periodic spinal examinations and corrections can keep your biomechanics -- and therefore your nerve signaling -- in good working order for life.

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