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Meet The Massage Therapists

  • Emily Aalona

    Everest College, 2010

    Emily has seven years of experience in massage therapy. After 3 years working in mental health, she found myself burnt out and seeking work that was better for her well being, and also allowed her to help others. She found massage, and it turned out to be her passion.

    She has worked in many areas of massage, including spa, general practice and treatment, but her favorite is treatment and injury massage. It has kept things interesting with every patient!

    She completed massage school at Everest College, and have since been to many different continuing education classes which have expanded her knowledge of different techniques specific to areas of the body, such as shoulder, neck, knee and low back. She has also taken classes on different kinds of massage, like prenatal, ligament work, energy work, trigger point therapy, structural integration, myofacial release, lymph drainage, stretching techniques and so on.

    Her style is usually in the deep tissue and treatment genre, but she can also give a lighter massage if necessary. She is well versed in injury work, whether it be from a specific event, or repetitive motions over time that cause pain and postural issues.

    She loves what she does because she is always learning, always perfecting technique, and loves to see her patients improve and reduce pain. 

    When Emily is not massaging, she is hanging out with all her boys. A husband, two sons (Samson and Zane), two male cats, and a male dog. They all treat her like a queen!

  • Madeline Fleming

    Northwest Academy of Healing Arts, 2013

    Madeline always knew she wanted to be part of something where she can help people. Her approach is unique and tailored to every patient’s preferences and challenges. She truly believes everybody has different needs and deserves a unique approach.

    Madeline prefers to practice a deep tissue and injury treatment. Whether her patients are recovering from an auto-accident or surgery, general pain, pregnancy, or would simply like to relax she is here to help them! Her goal is have her patients leaving the office feeling taller, with less pain and in a better mood.

    When Madeline is not at Proctor Chiropractic massaging you can find her at the gym, hiking and enjoying quality time with her friends and family. 

  • Jorge Gomez-Arceo

    Cortivia Institute, 2014

    Originally from Mexico, Jorge moved to the United States in 2008 in search of a better life and obtaining a career in health and wellness.

    Jorge enjoys helping patients recover from long-term injuries. He prefers to use myofascial and trigger point techniques with stretches to help improve performance and achieve the goals he sets with his patients.

    He is passionate about improving his patient’s quality of life and assisting them with their goals; that is why he prefers to work in a team setting with his patients and colleagues.

    When Jorge isn’t working you can find him enjoying quality time with his wife, Jennifer. 

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